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Public Sector Economics
2016 Conference
Institute of Public Finance and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung have organized the conference Public sector economics, which was held in Zagreb on 14-15 October 2016. 25 scientific papers were presented by researchers from 15 countries, and keynote lectures were given by prominent economists Ehtisham Ahmad and Debora Revoltella.

The call for conference papers posed some prominent questions about the future role and functioning of the public sector that scholars around the world were invited to explore. This primarily referred to the effective and equitable ways to finance public sector expenditures and the potential of public investments to foster growth and development. Besides these matters, the papers presented to the conference also addressed a number of related topics, such as the macroeconomic stability and sustainability, fiscal impact of devaluation on the economy, the effect of tax system reforms on income distribution, the impact of demographic changes on tax revenues, decentralization and local government budget openness, social protection, education, and financing of sport and culture.

Institute of Public Finance regularly organises international conferences in order to promote modern scientific developments in the field of public sector economics. This latest conference marked the 40th anniversary of the journal Financial Theory and Practice as well as the change of its name to Public Sector Economics (see Rationale). 

The 2016 conference issue  of the journal Public Sector Economics is available here.
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